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Rockingham: Don’t look back!

There are all kinds reasons & explanations listed in the racing driver's book of excuses, and I've certainly used a number of them over the years, I can even recite most of them in French after 3 seasons racing abroad.…


Chamrousse: Week-end du Drift!

I can’t quite get my head round how quickly this year’s gone by, and finding myself at Chamrousse it really struck me that 2017 has literally been non stop. It’s been an incredible summer, alongside the CFM I’ve been to…


Beaujolais Villages: Teamwork

If there's one thing I really could use right now, it's a team. Last season I competed at St Ursanne les Rangiers with Team Macracer and it was my best drive of the season, probably the best in fact. For me…

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