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Rockingham: Don’t look back!

There are all kinds reasons & explanations listed in the racing driver's book of excuses, and I've certainly used a number of them over the years, I can even recite most of them in French after 3 seasons racing abroad.…


Oulton Park: Round 1!

It's actually snowing, and not just slightly, big chunky flakes are falling from the sky.  Not what anyone wants to see on the morning of race day, especially not when this is your first race in a GT5 car and…


Limonest: One Last Hill

As season finales go, this year was a little different. Ordinarily I'd be finishing my year off at Turckheim, the 6km epic hillclimb set in the beautiful heart of Alsace, but I'd committed to racing a MINI Cooper the same…


St. Gouëno: Stormy Weather

There were nearly as many English drivers as there were French this year at St. Gouëno (77/88), and with such a huge home crowd you could say I was highly motivated. I'd spent the week surfing, running and relaxing on…


La Pommeraye: Under the weather

Grêve. It's a word that strikes fear into my very soul, and one that I've come across more than once since I started competing in France. For those of you less familiar with it's meaning, I'll translate it for you: strike.…

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